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Justice Loves Babies is a precious children's story that emphasizes the worth of life and the impact of prayer. In this picture book the main character "Justice" refers to the child in his mother's womb "Destiny" as a living person. Justice eagerly waits for the birth of his sister Destiny and wants to help his father, who is a Doctor bring Destiny to life outside of the womb. Justice is a little boy who loves babies. He is eagerly waiting for the birth of his sister, Destiny. He wants to be the first to hold her. Justice talks to Destiny every day in her mother's womb and prays that she would live and be strong. Soon his father, who is a doctor, will help his mother bring Destiny into the world. But one night Justice has a dream about other babies who were not allowed to be born. "Not all babies get the chance to live like Destiny does," his mother tells him. "Never stop praying for the babies." This story emphasizes the worth of life and the impact of prayer. Justice Loves Babies will change the way children treasure life by helping them understand that a life begins in the mother's womb. Like Justice, they can pray for Destinies to be born everywhere. Help us spread this message of life!

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A Messge From the Authors

When I was a child my greatest dream was to write books. I spent hours reading and writing stories. In fourth grade my public school teacher called me her "Future Author," on the last day of school my sister and I went to say goodbye to Mrs. Shaw, she bent down, looked me in the eyes and said "I know that one day I will see your name on the cover of books.
In February of 2005 my twin sister, Danielle, was sitting in her Children's Literature class when she had a vision of a children's book titled Justice Loves Babies. This book would talk to children about the issue of abortion in a delicate, loving manner. Danielle received the names of the characters and the story line of the book, but knew that I was to write it. She called me after her class and asked me if I would write this book for her. Reminding me of Mrs. Shaw's words, she said to me,"What if you could write a book that has the same impact on abortion as "Uncle Tom's Cabin" had on slavery?
Two days after Danielle told me about her vision I left to study abroad in Australia. Although the book stirred in my heart I became distracted and put it in the back of my mind. It took me seven months to actually grasp the vision that my sister had shared with me. In September 2005 the Lord confirmed to me that I was to write Justice Loves Babies, I woke up from my sleep five nights in a row and wrote the book.
The Lord gave my sister and me a task: to create a book that will change the way that children think about life and that will open their eyes to the reality of abortion. We believe that we were born for such a time as this, to teach children the necessity of crying out for divine justice and destiny for the unborn.

- Darlene Wibeto

About the Authors

Darlene and Danielle Wibeto grew up in central California and later attended Azusa Pacific University, where they both received a Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Studies/Education. Darlene and Danielle have been involved with The Cause, The Justice House of Prayer, and theCall all founded by Lou Engle, since July 2004 and currently serve at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City. They both believe that it is part of their destiny to see abortion ended in America.





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