Did you know that if you want to lose weight you do not need to undergo poor food meal plans? Instead you just have to know what you have to eat, know it.

May your fear of diets cease to be irrational. Did you know that if you want to lose weight you do not need to undergo scarce eating plans in which to go hungry is the evagenlio of each day? Contrary to Bionatrol Keto Burn what many believe, the process or slimming should not be fast and fleeting, but quite the opposite, should be done calmly and very carefully to ensure that the body receives the necessary nutrients even despite the caloric reduction that is You must implement to avoid fat accumulation.

Remember that the calorie deficit does not mean to stop eating, but to eat in moderation, which together with an exercise routine and a good rest of at least 8 hours at night, will be more than enough for you to start burning fat surprisingly in less time than you imagine.

Continue reading and know the 20 foods you should add to your diet if you want to have a better figure.


Salmon is a food rich in Omega 3 essential oils that help eliminate bad cholesterol from the blood , significantly improving the cardiovascular and blood system. It is also a product with quality proteins, which improves the construction of muscle mass in people who train with weights.

Due to its low fat content , it provides a low caloric value, which makes it excellent for weight loss . In addition, the first two characteristics together lead to a higher metabolism, which helps to have a much greater fat burning.


Apples are mostly composed of water, so the amount of calories it contains is extremely intimate. It has vitamins and minerals that act as antioxidants , while improving memory and the fiber it provides to the body is ideal for advancing and prolonging the feeling of fullness in each meal, so it is recommended to eat either before or during Main meals of the day or as a snack, instead of opting for fried or pastries.


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Coffee to gain energy and muscle mass

Coffee also has a large amount of antioxidants that eliminate toxins accumulated in the body, which in turn delay the symptoms of premature aging and help to have a more optimal state of the immune system.

It also provides caffeine, a substance that triggers a state known as a thermogenic effect in which the body’s body temperature increases, being forced to have to use more energy (calories) to regulate it.

Green Tea

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Green tea is another food rich in antioxidants. It shares many of the characteristics we find in coffee, although it has much lower concentrations of caffeine compared to its counterpart.

Despite this it is highly recommended for people looking to burn fat. It can be taken three times a day (in the morning, afternoon, evening), ensuring its intake at least 30 minutes before each meal so as not to interfere with iron absorption.

Grapefruit or grapefruit

Grapefruit or grapefruit, in addition to providing large amounts of Vitamin C that help to have a healthier immune system, especially against respiratory diseases, also has a low caloric value, but high in nutrients.

It is excellent for weight loss, as it stimulates the metabolic rate, leading to greater fat burning.

Chicken breast

Although it does not have such magnificent properties as is the case with salmon, chicken breast also provides quality protein and has a reduced number of calories, as long as it is consumed without skin.

To optimize its properties, it is recommended to cook grilled or bastard, trying to avoid the use of heavy or greasy dressings that would only provide unnecessary extra calories.


Ginger is a tuber that has a lot of popularity in oriental food, especially in Chinese, Hindu and Thai. If you are a lover of this type of preparations, congratulations! You can be sure that after its consumption you will be accelerating your metabolism in a noticeable way , due to the thermogenesis that is caused once it is processed by the digestive tract. However, you should keep in mind that depending on the place, oriental food can be made with large amounts of oil and other ingredients with many calories, so before ordering, watch how your dishes are prepared and what ingredients are used for their preparation .

However, if you prefer, you can prepare an infusion or ginger tea and consume it three times a day to maximize the results.


Watermelon is a food that acts as a powerful diuretic, so it helps eliminate toxins from the body through the urine , as well as it is excellent for passing retained fluids, fighting inflammations, improving the state of the cardiovascular system and a long etc. of additional benefits. It does not have many calories so it is excellent for consumption in the summer afternoons, without the fear of gaining weight.


Typical of traditional Mexican food, although also available in many other countries of the world, chili, like most vegetables, provides a reduced number of calories, so it acts as an excellent companion in each dish of the day.

But that is not all, because due to capsaicin, its main component and which is responsible for that burning sensation after chewing the chili, it also significantly accelerates the metabolic rate through the aforementioned thermogenic effect.

A small tip: The burning of chili can be easily treated with milk, although care should be taken not to eat enough, since otherwise its slimming effect would be of no use due to the calories consumed with the dairy product.


It is a superfood, recommended for skin health, stimulate hair growth, but more than anything, for fat burning. Soy is the product with the highest amount of protein known to date, and despite being plant-based proteins, it has a high quality biological value, so it is excellent for vegan people looking to build muscle. In fact, in the market we can find protein supplements made from soy.

It is also excellent for a healthier heart, as it helps reduce bad cholesterol levels in the blood.


Nobody is going to deny that lentils are an underestimated food, as not many know the great properties they have. Among them, we can highlight its high potassium content, an excellent result to develop a better joint system, because it avoids the problems of cracking that can arise with exercise.

In short, lentils are the ideal food for athletes and people looking to burn fat, as they contain quality proteins to increase muscle mass gains.


The melon is another of the protagonists that must appear on your list for fat burning. Its main properties include its Vitamin A content that relieves the dryness of tissues such as skin and mucous membranes. It also has Vitamin E that works as an antioxidant to prevent premature aging and strengthen the immune system.

It is also a diuretic and laxative food that helps eliminate waste from the body, detoxifying it effectively.

Due to its composition mostly of water, it does not provide many calories.


Compared to other herbs, spinach has a great flavor, which gives them an extra point to include them in this list.

Among its most remarkable properties we can find its high iron content, as well as its low caloric value.


Tomatoes share many properties Bionatrol Keto Burn Reviews with melons, such as Vitamin E that strengthens the health of the skin and acts as an antioxidant for the disposal of harmful substances that accumulate in the body. It is mainly composed of water, providing only 19 calories per 100 grams.

One of the advantages of tomato is that you can add it in almost any preparation, such as sauces, dressings or salads.


For a long time it was popularly believed that celery provides negative calories and that is why it was so effective for weight loss. It was only later that it was discovered that its fat burning properties were due to the fact that it acts as a scrubber, in addition to providing fewer calories than those required to be able to metabolize.

Its strong flavor may not be liked by many, but the truth is that it is excellent for fat burning, so you should not forget to add it to your shopping list when planning your next diet.

Olive oil

It may seem ironic due to its condition as an oil, however, unlike other products of the same nature, olive oil provides Omega 3 essential fatty acids that improve the state of the cardiovascular system, by eliminating bad cholesterol from the blood , which leads to a better metabolism.

The best thing about olive oil is that it has an excellent flavor and can be used in dressings such as vinaigrette or directly on salads, pasta and broths to give the dishes a much more pleasant touch.


Despite being a red fish, tuna is still an excellent food for fat burning for several reasons. One of them is its content in Omega 3, in addition to that it provides a high amount of protein and has an intimate caloric value, since it is a lean and easy to get meat that you can include in your diet without fear of gaining weight.


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We could not conclude this list if we ignore the lemon, a vegetable that is known for its wide range of beneficial properties for the body. He is known with nature’s antibiotic, thanks to the fact that it effectively eliminates bacteria and microorganisms. Not surprisingly, it is recommended both in people suffering from infectious diseases.

It also has antioxidants in the form of Vitamin C and finally, it is ideal for fat burning, since it provides very few calories.


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Oatmeal is another food that certainly could not be missing from this list. When it comes to describing the benefits it brings to the body, it is difficult to know where to start. First, it is a cereal that provides a high amount of protein, it also has laxative properties due to the integral fiber that is excellent for improving the digestive system, while helping to reach satiety faster and prolong it for longer , thus avoiding the consumption of scrap between each meal.

These and other properties make oatmeal the favorite food for high-performance athletes and should be part of their daily breakfast, almost mandatory.

Red wine

Despite popular belief, red wine is a trusted ally for people looking to eliminate accumulated fat in the body. This is because the drink contains antioxidants that help delay cell aging and prevent the development of Cardiovascular diseases.

A study carried out in New Zealand, found that drinking 5 glasses of wine a week significantly reduces the risk of obesity, compared to other drinks of the same type.

Bonus: Eggs

In the past, it was also believed that eggs were the main causes of bad cholesterol in the blood of those who consumed them. Fortunately, with the passage of time all this confusing information was clarified, determining that the eggs far from being harmful, are beneficial for the body and that their intake does not raise the levels of LDL (bad cholesterol) in the blood.

In addition, it is a food rich in proteins and provides Vitamins of Complex B that accelerate the metabolism significantly.



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