Recent research has shown that actually drinking water before eating helps lose weight naturally and without rebounding.

There are many tips that give us the moment we decide to lose weight. Drinking enough water every day is one of the things we hear most, as well as drinking water before eating, as this makes us fill up faster. But if you thought this was something that grandmothers simply said, Sure Cleanse Keto recent research has proven that actually drinking water before eating helps you lose weight .

To carry out this research, 84 adults with obesity were used, whose body weight was measured before dividing them into two random groups, requesting that half of them drink 500 ml of water 30 minutes before breakfast, from Lunch and dinner .

The other half of people simply had to imagine they had a full stomach before starting to eat. After giving the two groups a 12-week follow-up, it was observed that the group that drank water before all meals lost 1.3 kilos more than the other group of people, which indicates that in the long term the intake of Water before meals helps moderate weight loss.

Thanks to the simplicity of the intervention and how favorable it can be in a weight loss plan, the study recommends fluid intake before the main meals, as this can be of great help when we are in a weight loss plan .

A small detail that we have to highlight about this research is that the positive results were maintained even after different factors such as gender, age, etc …, so drinking 500 ml of water 30 minutes before all our main meals can help us lose weight, in addition to getting proper hydration every day.

So if you thought this was simply an urban myth now you can be sure that water intake is extremely favorable for weight loss, since this study showed that drinking water before eating helps you lose weight, so now you have one more reason To drink water every day.

It should be noted that the amount of weight that is lost just by drinking water is not much, that is, if you plan to go to the beach in 2 months and your only plan is to drink water, although you lose weight you will not be able to reach the desired figure . But this plan to drink water is a perfect Sure Cleanse Keto Reviews complement or plus for your diet and training routines.



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