We present different types of breakfast to choose from before going to the gym, depending on whether you want to gain muscle, burn fat, gain strength or do cardio.

There are many reasons why specialists claim that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This is mainly due to the fact that a good plate of food in the morning will help us supply the body with the Keto Trim 800 necessary energy to start the day with recharged batteries and thus perform better in our workouts and the rest of the activities that we will carry out in our day daily.

The importance of breakfast

There is some confusion regarding breakfast and fat loss, and that is that many people who have never gone to the gym or who are barely doing so and therefore have very little knowledge regarding the subject, believe that skipping some meals, including breakfast, it will help you lose weight faster. Nothing is further from reality, and as we have already mentioned in several articles, one of the main benefits of a balanced breakfast, rich in protein and other nutrients, is that it will favor us to have a feeling of satiety for longer , decreasing appetite and avoiding the need to eat some extra food before the next main meal.

On the other hand, while it is true that we can find some diets focused on fasting for fat burning or muscle mass gain (for example, the Warrior Diet or the Detox Diet, to name a few), we must take into account that these should be under the strict supervision of a professional doctor so as not to trigger side effects in the body. And it is that frequent fasting is one of the main causes of obesity and the deterioration of the body, because it develops a defense mechanism to fight against the lack of nutrients, among which are vitamins, minerals and Of course, the three macronutrients that we all know. In other words, the lack of constant food without any control forces the body to cling to the reserves of energy and nutrients that it has at its disposal to survive; This state of emergency as it is known is conducive to the metabolism being drastically encouraged not to consume those small reserves that we still have.

What should I eat before training?

Knowing this, then we can already deduce about the essential that is the breakfast for the gain of muscle mass or for the burning of fat. A balanced breakfast will depend on several factors, among which are our caloric needs mainly, based on the type of routine or objective we want to achieve.

Here are some different scenarios to choose a good breakfast before going to the gym.

If it’s your first day at the gym

If you are going to go to the gym for the first time, you should take into account, above all, the objective you want to achieve, as already mentioned a few lines above. This is important, because if you are looking to gain muscle or if you prefer to burn fat, obviously you will have different caloric needs, which will greatly influence the amount of macronutrients that you will need for your workouts. Be sure to approach your gym monitor, explaining your goals so that I can help you in a more personalized way to structure your exercises.

If you want to gain muscle

If you have already established a purpose for which you are going to the gym; In this case for the gain of muscle mass, then you should know that you will need a hypercaloric diet , that is, consume more calories than you normally consume to be able to promote the construction of larger and stronger muscle fibers.

A good breakfast based on bodybuilding should be composed mainly of proteins, as well as complex carbohydrates and fast absorption (before and after workouts) that will give you that energy necessary for you to carry out your routines. Do not forget either the healthy fats that will benefit your body in many aspects.

If you want to burn fat

Fat burning may be associated to regulate body weight, or for definition. In either case, it is necessary to reduce the consumption of carbohydrates, which added to a good workout, as well as a cardio workout with some frequency, will help the body to be forced to use the accumulated fat as the main source of Energy.

In this case, protein consumption is also extremely important in order to continue building muscle.

If you want to build strength

Strength development is also associated with muscle gain, however, this is not always the case and when we train for it, we must make some post-workout changes.

Naturally, breakfast should consist mostly of complex proteins and carbohydrates , however, after training it is best to prioritize the consumption of more protein and not carbohydrates.

If you are going to do cardio

Cardiovascular training involves a high demand for energy in the immediate term. To meet this need it is important to eat breakfast with high sources of complex carbohydrates , and an hour before, opt for fast-absorbing carbohydrates.

Post-training, it is also advisable to consume carbohydrates, to supply the lost glycogen muscles again and prevent their degradation.

If you are looking to keep fit

If you are satisfied with the results you have achieved and are looking to stay fit, then it is best to follow a balanced diet that fits your daily caloric needs so as not to lose muscle or begin to accumulate fat.

If you continue training, you should follow the same guidelines as before, that is, prioritize proteins, consume carbohydrates after training, etc., etc.

If you still feel full for dinner last night

If you still feel full for the previous meal, that is no excuse for you to exclude breakfast. Remember that this is what we are talking about, but if you prefer, you can just eat something lighter like a portion of fruits and take the time to eat dinner earlier and not dawn with these sensations.



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