Whether you are beginner or confirmed, you have inevitably faced, at one time or another, aches. Often located in the legs, thighs, glutes, belly or back, we can feel them throughout the body.

These pains make you understand that your muscles have worked too much. In these cases, is it better to give the body time to recover or, on the contrary, is the solution in the effort?

Can I play sports despite my body aches?

Yes, it is possible to play sports the next day but we must take into account these pains. Returning to sport is a good thing but adapt the effort ! If you practiced bodybuilding the day before, opt for a little swimming for example.

This alternation will allow you to continue avoiding overtraining, fatigue fractures and other injuries . Of course, if the pain is too strong, put your body at rest for a day or two.

The body aches disappear after 48 hours . It is the disappearance of evil that will tell you when to resume.

How to play sports despite my body aches?

The resumption of sport is not easy , just like managing a training despite pain. If you have pain everywhere, a little aspirin can help you function better. The day after a very big physical effort ( as in post marathon for example ) rest is required. If you really want to play sports right away, go for a bike and only for 20 minutes.

Your muscle will have time to restart oxygenation but you will not lose the pace . You can also relieve the sensitive area by applying hot or cold. A very effective technique.

Aches, what is it?

For a long time, a misconception spread in the world of sport, namely that aches were caused by an acid released in the body: lactic acid. In reality, aches are the result of micro-lesions in the muscle itself.

A muscle that was no longer used to force or that was asked too much. However, it is necessary to differentiate between the curvature and a wound because the curvature is necessary to the development of the musculature. At the heart of his tears, will come to build muscle tissue!

Sports or rest when you have aches, finally it’s up to you to decide based on your condition and your goals . Both are possible!



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