Carrying aids were once the only means of transport for babies. After the baby carriage took on this task in recent decades, more and more parents are returning to carrying their child on the body. This is good for the baby’s attachment and development – however the baby carrier should meet certain criteria.

Since the baby carrier is back in, there are numerous models on the market, which can be divided into two large groups. Wraps, which are mostly preferred by women, are large and variably usable cotton towels, with which the baby is “tied” to the body. Men usually prefer the second category, the so-called carrying aids, which can be adjusted more or less accurately with straps, straps and buckles.

No matter what the baby is worn – it should be worn from birth upright and well supported!

Wraps – Carrying aids

Slings have the advantage that they can be used in many different ways and over the entire wearing time. Good models are made of solid woven fabric with a certain diagonal elasticity. Only in this way can the substance adapt to the shape of the child and the wearer, support the child comprehensively and relieve the wearer as much as possible. The quality differences are enormous here. The weaves cross twill, diamond twill and jacquard are suitable. If you have acquired a high-quality model, such as those offered by the companies DIDYMOS, Girasol or Storchenwiege, for example, then it only depends on the right way of tying – and that is quickly learned with a little practice.

For men, the many layers of fabric and the corners around the body are often less pleasant. They often prefer finished load carriers. Practical and easy to put on, some models are often as good for carrying the baby as slings. However, there are also many completely unsuitable designs in this product segment. It is crucial that the baby carrier can be well adapted to the growing child, supports it stably and relieves the father well. Because only when the baby carrier fits, is wearing it comfortable and healthy. Particularly useful are carrying aids with straps to tie, because they can be really tightened, also can sometimes wear the mother, without all straps and buckles must be adjusted.

What is the cost of carrying aids?

The good news: Carrying aids are often not only more practical, but also cheaper than pushchairs. Nevertheless, you have to estimate for a high-quality baby carrier to the 100 euros. Slings can be used until the end of the gestation period of about 3-4 years and are also suitable as a sunscreen, swing, cuddly or picnic blanket. Carrying aids (with the exception of the ring of carrier cloth fabric) only grow for a while. Most baby carriers will fit either in the first or second and third year of life. Even if manufacturers like to claim this, there is no ready-to-wear aid that fits from size 50 to 104! If you choose a high-quality model, you can then give away, sell or keep the baby carrier for the next child.

Carrying aids in the test – the best models

In the August 2016 issue of the magazine , a total of 16 baby carriers were tested. Many support consultants see this carrying aid test critically, as it compares apples to pears and does not even consider important carrying aids. In the practical test, all 4 tested slings were rated “very good” or “good”, and some of the tested slingers had significant shortcomings – in most cases the posture that the child had to take. The following items have been rated Good: Amazon Baby Carrier Smart Carrier Nemo, Hoppediz Bondolino and Kokadi Baby Carrier Flip Baby size. The carrier of Emei baby was rated even as one of 5 products with “very good”.



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