Being a father is not difficult, but being a father is very important. This is particularly evident in the decision of a private insurance for the offspring. Especially if you want to give the children a special insurance cover under the statutory health insurance. However, you can also insure your child privately if you or your partner is not a private patient.

Private health insurance offers many advantages, but costs much more than the statutory health insurance. There are individual costs for each child, which of course should be taken into account. Hardly anyone knows, however, that with the reimbursement principle within the SHI quite a cost-effective alternative . One is rarely made aware of this by the statutory health insurance.

Difference between health insurance and private patient

The biggest difference is just another way of billing. A doctor has a clear plan, which benefits and at what price he may settle for a legally insured patient. Payment is made directly by the responsible statutory health insurance.

Who can insure his child or himself as a private patient, agreed directly with the doctor, which treatment takes place. The doctor will then issue an invoice, which will be submitted to the responsible insurance company for reimbursement.

Solution for optimal insurance for children

Anyone wishing to receive a reimbursement of health insurance benefits can apply to the health insurance company for a change. You can always apply for this reimbursement principle at any time, but you can also cancel it if you want to. Similar to self-employed, civil servants and other privately insured can take advantage of health insurance, without having to complete an overpriced private insurance for his child.

When applying for the reimbursement principle, this applies for a minimum period of one quarter. As a patient you have the choice whether the reimbursement principle is to be applied to inpatient or outpatient services, to dental treatment, aids or outpatient surgery.

Reimbursement principle instead of private full insurance

A good private full health insurance for children without a deductible costs between 150 and 200 euros per month. The same level of benefits parents can get for their children for just over 70 euros a month if they combine legal and private health insurance cleverly: In this case, the child remains free statutory family insurance and billing takes place in two stages. First, the bill is submitted to the for reimbursement of the legal part and then to the private insurance company for the rest. The principle is therefore exactly the same that millions of civil servants in Germany practice with the aid and their private health insurance.

Meaningful conversion to the reimbursement principle

Especially with outpatient treatments you will be treated as a private patient. For operations, medicines or aids and remedies, the reimbursement principle also proves itself. For in-patient treatment, the reimbursement principle makes less sense.

All this should be taken into account and informed, in order to switch to the reimbursement principle in good time and to profit from it. For the sake of the young, you do what is necessary to get high quality, affordable care in case of emergency. After all, you want only the best for your child and this includes appropriate medical care and examinations to protect the health of the child. Meanwhile, there are experts on the market for children’s health insurance, which do nothing else. Accordingly, one can expect a special expertise and quality of advice here.



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