During the hot summer, ice water is a great success . In addition to being refreshing, this little wonder is indeed so nice in the mouth that it becomes very easy to become addicted.

However, being sugar-based, is Peak Surge Keto not it then fattening? If so, is it possible to eat while taking care of our line? Without further ado, let’s bring the answers to these questions.

Calories to avoid during a diet

Although it is lighter than cream ice cream, ice cream remains high in calories . Indeed, 100 g of this food contains up to 79 kcal, which makes it 1.5 times more greedy than the famous chocolate bar from Twix.

By taking a look at its ingredients, we understand very quickly the reason. Water ice cream is mainly composed of sugar . It is bad for your health and promotes the saturation of your fat. To its composition is generally added a slight amount of fruit for the perfume (lemon, melon , banana, orange juice , raspberry, grenadine ) despite that there are more original recipes based on chocolate , Nutella, flower of orange , rose or coca. To avoid getting fat while continuing to eat this candy, the solution would be to make it yourself in order to control the ingredients.

That’s why it’s possible to find “healthy” versions of water ice on the canvas , like the one made by the Weight Watchers method.

Homemade ice cream recipe

It is very easy to prepare your own ice cream and thus have the guarantee of eating “organic”. The preparation would be even faster if you had a Thermomix at your disposal.


  • 1 / 2l of water
  • 80 g light sugar
  • 150 g strawberries

For the preparation :

  • Put the water and sugar light in the Thermomix and set on 100 ° C at speed 3
  • Pour into another bowl the syrup obtained
  • Wash the strawberries. Pour them into the bowl of the Thermomix before adding your syrup. Mix for 30 seconds on speed 8
  • Pour the mixture into tubes to make cones
  • Put 1 hour in the freezer before consuming.

Basically, water ice makes you fat Peak Surge Keto Reviews because it is high in sugar. To continue to eat during your diet, the secret is to prepare your own recipe by simply reviewing the ingredients down. Enjoy your meal !



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