Easter is a very special festival, it rings in the spring. For children, the traditional and religious significance of this festival tends to take a back seat, especially given the expectation of easter egg hunting. However, this is not the only pleasure you can give your child at Easter.

Easter preparations

For children, anticipation is the most beautiful joy and so they usually long for Easter, weeks ago. To really enjoy this pleasure, you can make Easter preparations with your child. This includes above all Easter crafts, which are possible in many variants. In addition to the Easter eggs dyeing you can make with salt dough or modeling clay Easter decorations and Easter figurines, handicraft gifted tinker the Easter eggs made of wood itself, larger children with endurance can already plait their own baskets.

Shortly before Easter, the branches for the Easter bouquet must be collected. A good opportunity for one of the first extensive forest walks in milder temperatures. If you are planning an Easter fire in your own garden, you should take care of the necessary dry wood sooner.

Looking for Easter eggs – centuries old tradition

The custom of looking for eggs at Easter is already several hundred years old and was first mentioned at the beginning of the 17th century. Since then the Easter eggs are hidden by the Easter Bunny and the children have a huge pleasure in searching, finding and eating. It is popular to hide the eggs outside, but when it rains, everyone in the house has fun too. In Germany, it has become common practice that the easter egg hunt takes place on Easter Sunday, but there are regional differences and within the families, the days can vary.

When hiding should always be paid to the age of the child. The smaller the child, the easier the hiding place. Try to choose it so that the child does not find their nest right away but does not have to spend hours looking for it. Of course, good tips are also allowed. The hot-cold method is particularly suitable here: The closer your child gets to the hiding place, the “warmer” it gets when it gets away, it cools down again.

When hiding outdoors you should be careful that your own pets or neighbor’s cat do not ruin the Easter fun by gnawing or even eating the easter eggs. Lock up your own pets and best ask neighbors for Easter morning to do the same.

What belongs to the Easter basket?

Of course Easter eggs – either made of chocolate or home-cooked. A chocolate Easter Bunny is self-evident, moreover, everything that fits in the Easter basket, as content. However, Easter is not a pronounced “gift party”, but the birthday and Christmas are there. Little things that are well suited as an Easter gift in the nest, for example, Playmobilfiguren, a mud box car, stickers or a small stuffed toy. Schoolchildren can find pens or a new sharpener in the Easter basket. With the greatest gift of Easter, you make your child feel free to spend time and participate in the boisterous and family atmosphere of that time.

Easter Games

Easter is a family celebration. Usually all family members are at home on these days. A good opportunity to spend time with various games that will not only be fun for your child:

Beat eggs: two hard-boiled eggs are beaten together with the tip, the one whose egg remains healthy has won.

How many eggs: It is estimated how many eggs fit in a vessel. For this game are best suited small milk chocolate eggs.

Easter Bingo: A game for the whole family that uses simplified bingo rules.

Eggs instruction for elementary school children: cardboard eggs are used to write instructions for the children to do.

Egg race: The well-known birthday game is played here with hard-boiled, colorful Easter eggs.

Whether you have prizes for the winners at the end or whether it is all about the fun is up to you or you can discuss this with your child.

Easter is a great opportunity for a family event where adults and children can just have fun together and spend a good and relaxed time together. If the time together then concludes with a romantic Easter fire in your own garden or in the district, then it was a perfect day.



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