Some have to follow a very restrictive gluten-free diet while others have problems with dairy products . Are you lactose intolerant or are you having more and more difficulty digesting everything that is contained? EvoElite Keto Reviews You undoubtedly need a suitable diet, which requires some changes in your habits.

Finish the good little bowl of milk in the morning or the generous toast of butter. To say goodbye to your bloating and abdominal pain, bet on fresh or dried fruit , soy yogurt and nuts, almonds and hazelnuts. For a balanced breakfast without dairy , you can count on soy products, sources of calcium.

Ideas for a lactose-free breakfast but still healthy and balanced

Breakfast idea # 1 :

A coffee with a squeezed orange juice . Two slices of wholemeal bread with a little vegetable margarine and 15 g of strawberry jam. A soy yogurt.

  • Breakfast idea n ° 2 :
  • 1 tea and 1 porridge made from l. Almond. A compote of apples.
  • Breakfast idea n ° 3 :
  • A glass of l. of rice + two kiwis + a slice of bread with honey + 10 g of nuts.
  • Breakfast idea n ° 4 :
  • Coffee + 2 slices of wholemeal bread with ham + 1 boiled egg + 1 pear.

In short, associations are multiple and infinite. The key is to have fun while testing the different plant milks market to find the one that will be the most to your liking. In terms of drinks, you can vary between fruit juice or smoothie , while always keeping a hot drink in addition (coffee or tea according to your desires).

The importance of breakfast in the day

Breakfast should always be the most hearty meal of the day. It allows you to fill up with vitamins and minerals to hold all morning. Unfortunately, it is often underestimated. By skipping this essential type of menu, you expose yourself to deficiencies that can lead to problems with attention and concentration, hypoglycemia or even discomfort.

The ideal breakfast should consist of protein (egg, ham), a cereal product (like bread), a fresh fruit of the season, a product rich in fat (butter or margarine) and of a hot drink . It should ideally represent 25% of the energy intake of the day. This meal is even more important for children Evo Elite Keto or athletes because it helps to replenish the need for vitamins, minerals and calcium needed.

In the case of lactose intolerance , it will therefore counteract with soy-based products , which provide the calcium necessary for your body to function properly.

By eliminating dairy products from your diet , you will gradually regain your vitality and will be able to say goodbye to the discomfort of types of bloating and diarrhea . What to feel better!



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