Some information about this famous body part, the abs , never hurts . Unfortunately, their visibility is determined by genetics depending on fat accumulation patterns. The same also happens with the shape of these, it will depend mainly on the muscular fascia.

Exercises for the abdomen

There are numerous exercises for the abdomen , each one works different body parts, at different intensities, some more entertaining, others harder, etc … below I will detail the technique of a few Flow Fusion Reviews abdominal exercises that can be done by any type of person and a general routine that you can do to strengthen your abdomen.

Lumberjack with disk

This exercise is demanding if it is done at high repetitions, for this we will take a disc, or dumbbell if we are strong enough, we will stretch the arms forward and with the legs open to a width equal to that of the shoulders, we will descend diagonally, flexing legs down and turning the torso to the same side, when we lower enough, we perform the same movement but in the opposite direction diagonally. Once the repetitions have been completed, we change direction, for example if we start doing it by going down to the left side and up to the right, we change down to the right side and up to the left side.

Shrinks in specific machine

We will need a machine that is normally present in all gyms, in which we will sit, resting our backs and grabbing some bars at the top and placing our legs behind the quilt. Then we will contract both the trunk and the hip in a coordinated movement, until our elbows touch our knees, in this position we endure a second and return to the starting position. At the beginning of the concentric or muscular contraction phase we will take air and hold it until the end, at the beginning of the eccentric, we will slowly release the air to get a greater stimulus in our abdomen.

  • lumberjack with disk
  • Lumberjack with disk, a picture is worth a thousand words.
  • Hanging leg lift

We will have to hang on a pull-up bar to perform this exercise. With the body fully stretched and the knees slightly bent, we will lift, keeping the torso in a straight position, the legs as much as we can until, at a minimum, we form an angle of 90ยบ with respect to the torso.

It is an exercise to perform controlled, very demanding so it is normal that at first you can not perform too many repetitions, mainly due to stability problems (we will balance too much because we are not accustomed to the exercise)

Side and front plates

The plates are an isometric abdominal exercises that work the deepest part of the rectus abdominis. They are good to reinforce these walls and reduce a few centimeters of waist thanks to the fact that in this case it would be better able to keep the viscera in place.

To make the side plate , we will stand on the floor supported on one side, the body must remain completely straight and we will rest on the floor with one leg and the forearm of the corresponding side, we must endure as much as possible in this position, at least I recommend about 30 seconds. It is a good idea to hold your breath as much as possible to achieve greater activation of this body part.

The front plate is basically the same but we look at the floor. We must rest on the forearms and the tip of the feet, keeping the body straight without raising the buttocks too much.

Recommended abdominal workout routine

This is just another type routine to hypertrophy the rectus abdominis and obliques, which you can follow both in periods of volume and definition. They will train 2-3 times per week according to needs and recovery characteristics.

Progressions and other tips

The progressions will be as always with double progression criteria in the pyramidal series and triple progression criteria in flat or timed series. In the timed series we will simply add 5 extra seconds, when we reach 60 seconds, we will add some weight by placing a dumbbell on top, a disc or a weighted vest is also valid.

As we have said before, it is done 2-3 times a week, the routine includes two daily workouts, the part of fasting exercise is quite good especially if it is to define or recomposition, or to keep the fat grated in the abdomen in periods of increased muscle mass or volume.

I recommend that before training, we consume some caffeine to help mobilize a greater amount of body fat, especially in fasting exercise. Also for the fasting part it is a good idea to perform some cardio before, along with some yohimbine to help define the abdomen because the rebel fat would be easier to mobilize, in doses of 0.02 mg of yohimbine per kg of body weight and that same dose of caffeine but multiplied by 13, very useful for definition or recomposition protocols.

You can add synephrine instead of yohimbine if we are too high in fat, you can also add a topical cream that helps us mobilize fat from the specific area.


I hope these exercises for the Flow Fusion abdomen have been useful for your goals, and even more routine, along with some simple supplementation recommendations that will help you define your abdomen.



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