Whether you start, resume or deepen a regular practice of running , make a dry quickly comes to mind. Getting rid of your extra pounds while preserving your muscle mass is a very common goal. The dry will go through a more or less intensive program of sports nutrition and training.

Drying, why and on what basis?

By losing your extra pounds without losing muscle, you gain in performance, racing comfort and speed. It is also a good way to preserve your joints.

The basics of dryness consist of losing fat ( lowering body fat ) while keeping or gaining muscle.

Dry by food

The first reflex to acquire is to adopt the right sports regime . This one must not only allow to lose fat , but also to bring to the body all that it needs to muscle, to work without danger … and to perform:

  • Sufficient daily protein (1.5 g / kg)
  • Complex carbohydrates, and more “fast” in the recovery phase
  • Good lipids in moderate amounts
  • Less refined sugars , alcohol, cheese …

To strengthen and accelerate the effects of dry for running, switching to the intermittent diet is a great idea. It will even be possible to train on an empty stomach in the morning to tackle fat stores in depth . Added to a low carb diet that is compatible with training, this approach will have quick and visible effects.

Drying with sport

The sport will support the process of drying.

By combining cardio training to burn calories with high-intensity sessions (HIIT) that speed up fat melting and bodybuilding to develop the body’s metabolism , the runner gets a very effective program to lose his unwanted pounds.

It will be difficult to get dry just by relying on physical activity . The diet must follow to obtain interesting results.

From nutrition to training, drying for running is within everyone’s reach . When you do it for the first time, the real challenge is to balance your efforts, to avoid doing too much and exhausting yourself or getting hurt for lack of sufficient contributions to the body.

By following a specific program, paying attention to the body’s signals and the way you experience the sport sessions, you’ll know if you’re on the right track. Good race !



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