Perhaps one of the most frequent problems and of course, also more annoying that usually occur over the years, is that of the hanging skin of the arms. And it is that beyond developing complexes due to poor aesthetics in people who suffer from it, it is also considered as a health risk factor because in its appearance, a deplorable lifestyle influences too much because of Poor diet and lack of physical activity.

That said, we can intuit that the appearance of hanging arms cannot be directly attributed to old age and is not Balanced Max Keto directly related to the lack of collagen production by the body, but rather to the accumulation of fat that becomes much more feasible in advanced ages due to the slowdown of the metabolic rate.

Does this problem have any kind of solution? Of course, and it is much easier than many might think, because for that it is only enough to moderate caloric consumption, as well as sticking to a much more lively lifestyle where physical exercise is part of everyday life.

Exercise is an indispensable part of a slender body, but above all, healthy

It is true that for many it can be extremely difficult to tie your laces tightly to start losing those extra kilos, especially for those who have never performed any type of physical activity throughout their lives. The secret in this is above all, to have an unbeatable willpower so that the adversities that are manifested in the beginning can be easily fought.

Keep in mind that if you are one of the people who has never risen from the sofa to take the dog for a walk or just take a walk alone outdoors, then you should start by providing realistic goals. One of the main problems of those who try to give a 360 degree turn to their sedentary lifestyle, they make the mistake of clinging to losing those kilos gained over the years in a couple of months and even weeks. Fatal! Remember that the body is not designed to lose calories, but to store them, hence the reason why it is easier to accumulate two kilos of fat than to lose them. In simple terms, we could say that it is due to evolutionary issues, but that is already a point apart.

Remember that making the decision to go 5 km in the afternoon is something very easy to say … doing so is another story. In this case, it is best to start with low-impact cardiovascular exercises so that the body can get used to more complex movements. Walking or cycling for 30 minutes is excellent to get started in the fitness world without risking your health, in addition to guaranteeing you an adequate progression and without losing your mind.

Exercises such as running, swimming or others based on the use of intervals can be left for the next few weeks or even for the next two months after starting, as these require much greater resistance. Trying to do them and not achieving them will simply cause you frustration and insurmountable desire to throw in the towel, so remember: realistic goals.

On the other hand, to do additional exercises to the cardio and that also suppose an enormous caloric expenditure is the lifting of weights or any other physical activity that propitiates the development of the muscular mass such as calisthenics, which are based on using the outside world and your own body weight as if it were a gym. It is extremely easy and fun, as well as recommended for those who do not have the time or money to go to a gym and do not want to gain large amounts of muscle.

Of course, as with cardio, remember to start from the basics. A person who is overweight will probably not be able to perform a flexion, but there is no need to worry, since there are other alternatives that do not involve as much effort as wall flexions or knee flexions that work the same muscle groups but are much more bearable

Maybe up to this point you are already convincing yourself that exercising is not a bad idea after all, and you are totally right, but don’t eat cravings. There are also other previous aspects that you should consider. One of them is that if you are only looking to burn arm fat, it will be impossible for you.The body is not made to eliminate localized fat, this is a concept that Balanced Max Keto REVIEWS despite its enormous popularity, is totally wrong. The loss of it is prolonged throughout the body: abdomen, legs, face, back, arms, etc. So searching the internet for “exercises to burn fat in the arms” makes no sense . In fact, we recommend our full-body routine for beginners with which you will start to burn calories in a surprising way.

Now it is time to move on to the next sub-theme, however, you should know that before performing any physical activity it is important that you consult your doctor for a physical evaluation.

Food as the main pillar of a healthy body

But beyond exercise, every healthy and slender body has its foundations in a good diet. It will not help you to go for a walk or run for 30 minutes if your caloric intake will be greater than your daily needs. It is logical to think that.

This does not mean that stopping eating is the immediate solution, but quite the opposite. Although it may seem ironic, it is absolutely true that fasting steadily leads to a greater propensity for fat accumulation because the body enters a state of emergency in which the metabolism slows down so that all ingested food is they quickly become a reserve of energy (fat) to combat this “food shortage”. Now you know, eat in moderation.

It may seem complicated to hold so much information at first, but you’ll see that you’ll get used to it. After all, the human body is fascinating and hides great secrets that until recently were not well known even by science.

Another point to consider is that eating in moderation is not everything. Surely you have heard the saying “we are what we eat”. Well, with good reason. It is a bit complex to explain, but not to be confused, let’s do it this way. Imagine that your body requires a total of 2000 calories a day to stay in its current form. To start burning fat you should reduce between 300 or 500 calories a day, which will be too easy if you exercise. However, if those 1500 calories available are consumed through junk foods such as hamburgers, pizzas, pasta, etc., you probably will not lose the same amount of fat despite the fact that mathematics so indicate. I remind you: the body is formidable and complex, So its transformation process is not reduced to a simple addition and subtraction of calories. It goes way beyond that.

This is because macronutrients, especially carbohydrates , react differently in the body. Those “foods” rich in simple carbohydrates such as refined flours or sugars are not recommended at all, since they significantly increase glucose levels, encouraging the body to have a greater willingness to accumulate fat. For that reason it is that if we seek to have a healthier lifestyle it is important to say no to bottled soft drinks, pastries, refried foods and similar foods, to give way to fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats such as chicken and fish, between others.

In conclusion

Up to this point there is not much left to tell, but we can recapitulate all the information to make it clearer.

To begin, remember that the success of any process of transformation of the body has its basis in food, that is, knowing how to choose the right foods that help the body lose accumulated fat. In this case, fruits and vegetables, lean meats, cereals, etc., not only contribute to a greater sense of satiety, but also provide the body with nutrients necessary to improve each of the essential aspects that lead to a style of Healthy life. Either from the regularization of the metabolic rate to the creation of vital cells, the oxidation of fats or even strengthen the defenses of the immune system to decrease the propensity to contract diseases.

And finally, the exercise is also crucial. Eventually you can eliminate those extra kilos without exercise, but it is not recommended. And it is that following the previous example, probably the 1500 calories are not enough to meet the nutritional requirements of the body that are so important for the processes mentioned in the paragraph above. In addition, another of the great advantages of exercise is that it is excellent for improving cardiovascular endurance, the immune system, posture, strengthening bones, muscles, etc.



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