Weight gain is often due to poor eating habits , but especially to compulsive nibbling behavior in case of stress or Pure Health Research Keto mismanagement of emotions. Behavioral nutrition involves associating a diet with methods of motivation and control of one’s emotions.

Can we lose weight with behavioral nutrition?

Developed by Eve Villemeur and Dr. Eric Ménat, behavioral nutrition is based on the principle of a therapy that combines exercises to control emotions with a diet . Thus, it is possible to lose weight with behavioral nutrition as described in their book.

Behavioral nutrition provides an individualized solution for effective weight loss and long-term results.

How it works ?

Behavioral nutrition gives a large part to psychological behaviors to regulate eating disorders . More than a dietary solution, the book gives concrete solutions to no longer overcome emotions by food.

Step by step, everyone will find solutions and techniques to no longer take refuge in food to manage stress , anger, grief. If this method does not replace a real therapy, it nevertheless allows to learn to channel his emotions.

This method is also based on a free choice of his diet and on the acceptance or not to make some “sacrifices” to lose weight sustainably . The goal is not to create frustrations, but to have free will and a renunciation of certain foods. Everyone is free to choose their own deprivations according to their objectives.

What are the benefits of this therapy?

In addition to the actual weight loss, behavioral nutrition has real benefits on eating behaviors . In the opinion of these 2 doctors, it is not possible to lose weight in the long term if we do not control the negative emotions that often lead to throw on food. This method also teaches you how to manage your emotions and not let yourself be overwhelmed by them . Keys are given to regain motivation over time.

In addition, Dr. Ménat insists that on a purely nutritional level it is essential to consume a lot of protein to have a quick feeling of satiety . In fact, by consuming non-fat proteins 4 to 5 times a day, the feeling of hunger disappears.

Behavioral nutrition is a new Pure Health Research Keto REVIEWS approach to losing weight that teaches us to channel all the negative sources that drive us to seek solace in food.



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