Broccoli and carrot croquettes are very nutritious and easy to prepare. Learn the ingredients and the way of preparation in this article.

Many people are interested in preparing their own healthy foods , this interest drives them to know new recipes to add it to the menu. That is why we present one of the best recipes and that can become your favorite dish.

It’s about broccoli and carrot croquettes. It is a healthy Instant Keto Reviews food and loaded with vitamins and proteins. Stay tuned for the instructions to be described and the ingredients you should use to cook this recipe.

The steps and ingredients for preparing broccoli and carrot croquettes are described .

Ingredients for the preparation of broccoli and carrot croquettes

The ingredients that will be described below are simple to obtain, you can buy them at the supermarket or in the cellars. Make sure you have all the ingredients on hand to meet the recipe.

The ingredients that you will need are:

  • Carrots (at least one cup of grated carrot)
  • Broccoli (preferably broccoli bleached into small pieces, can be two cups).
  • 1/4 of Parmesan cheese (Must be grated).
  • Egg.
  • A cup of mashed and cooked potato (as if it were pureed).
  • A little salt and pepper to taste.
  • A cup of wheat flour.
  • A little lemon to taste.
  • 2 beaten eggs
  • Corn flakes (must be ground and used for breading).
  • 1/2 canola oil

Steps for the preparation of broccoli and carrot croquettes

If you look, the ingredients are very easy to get and are easily found in the supermarket. Now, the separation process is also very simple and fun. These types of recipes are very nutritious and you can eat during lunch or snack .

Here are detailed steps for the preparation of cakes broccoli and carrots.

  • In a bowl you should mix the following ingredients: Broccoli with carrots, crushed potatoes, Parmesan cheese and eggs. In addition, to this mixture you must add the pepper and salt point to taste.
  • Then you must mix the ingredients to form a compact mixture.
  • Later, you must create the croquettes with your hands.
  • After having the shape of the croquettes, you should breach the croquettes.
  • To breach them, pass the croquettes through the wheat flour and the beaten eggs.
  • Finally, heat the oil at medium temperature.
  • Fry the croquettes and remove them one by one until they are completely golden brown.
  • Place them on napkins to adsorb excess oil.
  • And ready! Then you must serve this dish accompanied by vegetable salad and some lemon pieces.

Advantages of preparing broccoli and carrot croquettes

This recipe is very nutritious and you Instant Keto can accompany it with a vegetable salad and chopped lemons. Next, two of the advantages of broccoli and carrot croquettes are described .

  • They are a nutritious food and provide energy to the body.
  • Easy to prepare and can be included in lunch or snack.



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