Soon the time will come and the summer holidays will start for the schoolchildren. Six weeks of leisure time, that’s great prospects for our offspring. However, parents often face problems with the long summer break, because how do you keep the little ones busy when you work or get bored of your free time?

Children need a long summer break to recover from the school year and finally be able to be a kid again. Even for us adults that would be nice, but is hardly feasible, since the annual leave usually only five or six weeks. This means that as a parent you only have a part of the summer holidays free and you have to come up with something for the rest of the time. Luckily, there are leisure activities and creative solutions that help schoolchildren stay well in the summer holidays, even when their parents need to work.

City break or holiday games – fun for children who stayed at home

Even if the term already sounds a bit dusty: The city rerouting is still one of the most popular holiday offers that parents perceive for their children. The children spend the days in a facility, are employed and supervised there and in the evening by the parents picked up again. Mostly children from six to twelve years can participate, sometimes there are special offers for teenagers. Offers are usually provided by the municipalities, as urban rerouting is primarily intended for children whose parents can not afford a summer vacation. But also all other parents who are unable to adequately supervise their child for private or professional reasons can take advantage of the offers. In large cities, there are even mostly several locations, so that parents and children save long ways. In many cities vacation games are offered, which are mostly offered by the local clubs. Here the children are at least employed for a few hours.

Holiday camp for every taste

Larger and courageous children can take part in a camp during the holidays. The “summer camps”, as these offers were called, are available with many different theme offers. People live in tents, youth hostels or huts and there is a fun and employment program every day. In contrast to city rerouting or children’s recreation, the children stay away from home for one to two weeks and are completely cared for by others. Depending on the provider even the arrival and departure is co-organized. There are holiday camps with climbing activities, riding vacations, circus and adventure camps and many more theme offers.

Holiday camps for scouts, footballers and CO

If your child is already involved with Boy Scouts or in another organization, such as a football club, then summer camps are also often on the program. These trips have the advantage that your child knows the other children and usually also the carers. Especially reserved children often find it easier to stay away from home for several days. For the parents, it usually feels better when they know their child in familiar safe hands.

Children at home

If you have to work for yourself and your child can not or does not want to take advantage of any of the offers already mentioned, creativity is required. Who can secure the day care? Maybe grandparents or relatives can step in, maybe there are school friends with whom your child can spend the day. Anyone working in the office may have the opportunity to take work home and kill two birds with one stone.

Nice holiday home for parents and child

Finally, there is also the case that the parents have holidays, but there is no vacation trip in the summer holidays. To help parents and children relax, the following tips should be heeded:

Stay relaxed and give up on a too fixed rhythm, which is usually not on a vacation trip.

Cook together or sometimes just not at all. Especially during the holidays is time to experiment and to dare to new dishes. If the kitchen stays cold, because nobody wants to cook, then the world does not go away. Why do not you even go to the weekly market, as you would do on vacation and eat there?

Be lazy, because the holiday is there to relax. Take time to read, play games together or spend the days with your child in the pool or on the lake.

On vacation you can also see it with the order a little loose. Do only the bare necessities and, above all for a certain period of time, deliberately do not plan any work such as painting and wallpapering or renovating.

Every day a nice experience. This is especially important for children. Make trips – at least until the next ice cream parlor; In bad weather, sometimes cinema is announced. Choose together or alternatively, what you, your partner and your child feel like.

If the vacation trip is canceled or if there are still plenty of holidays left before or after your summer vacation, there are many things you can do with your child and how you can organize your vacation. It is always important to hear what your child wishes for. Maybe it even comes down to ideas that you would not have thought of.



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