The skin is the most transformable organ of all, it is the only one that is in contact with the outside and protects us from external factors, temperature changes and bacteria; It is also waterproof, it repairs and lubricates itself. The facial skin is much more delicate and requires special care, the needs of the skin or its type are not always thoroughly known; and therefore, mistakes are often made that are quite harmful.

The skin can reflect both physical and mental health

Alerting possible internal and skin diseases with changes in color or texture, with the appearance of pimples or spots, being rough or delicate, firm or wrinkled, showing emotions and being a source of social and sexual attraction.

People with skin problems usually go to family or general practitioners, the reasons for consultation are rarely considered “serious” or simply aesthetic, but they can cause pain, as well as social and emotional problems. Skin diseases are usually transmitted genetically, but the fact that they are hereditary does not mean that they are incurable, that they cannot be treated satisfactorily or simply that they cannot be prevented.

Most skin problems are determined by environmental factors, harmful or contaminated environments; But the greatest risk to the skin is the excess of sunlight, so the skin requires proper and specific care in each person. Increasingly we care about having healthy skin and from an aesthetic point of view regardless of gender, each skin has its own needs. Hence, it is essential to start a day care of cleaning, hydration and sun protection, as well as a night care of cleaning and nutrition where the skin is more receptive and the natural repair process is enhanced, because during the day cycle it suffers due to environmental aggressions.

Prevention and proper careĀ  are the best way to keep skin healthy and radiant for much longer, but before starting skin care we have to take into account what type of skin we have, since the application of inappropriate products could Be counterproductive.



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