Everyone knows that a tick has only two calories. Would this be the ideal candy to soothe sweet cravings during your slimming diet ?

Maybe … but it’s good because he’s very small! We take stock of this candy star.

Tic tac: beware of excess sugar!

If a little ticking will not have the slightest negative effect on your slimming program, it’s basically … because it’s tiny! Pinnakkle keto With a weight of only 0.5 grams, a single tick can not do much damage. And from this point of view, it will always be preferable to a big Ferrero Rocher (70 kcal for 1 chocolate of 125 g).

On the other hand, if you swallow the whole box, the addition may increase quickly … Because it is enough to scan the nutritional value : a tick is almost entirely composed of sugar! In proportion to their weight, ticks are therefore very rich in calories . In addition, they are very bad for blood sugar, they are soaring if you eat a lot …

Clearly, to stay on the diet, we consume a few ticks, and we stop. The disadvantage of playing moderation? Sugar is called sugar, and two or three tiny candies are not very satiating, you risk being even more frustrated …

The advantages of ticking

Not so convincing to calm the frustrations of the regime, the ticks still have some qualities. First of all, this is vegan candy . If you are a fan of a diet without animal products, this may be important to you!

In addition, ticks are suitable for people on a gluten-free diet because they contain no derivatives of wheat, barley or rye.

However, given the very sweet composition of ticks, we are very far from being faced with a health food …

How to limit ticks?

“I’m addicted to ticking, how to avoid getting fat by eating too much? To reduce your consumption without too much frustration, use these two tips:

– Try to consume Ceylon cinnamon quite often : in addition to regulating blood sugar, it has a reputation for reducing palatability for sweet taste.

Another option: the delicious vanilla: anti stress, it can help you limit the compulsions related to anxiety.

– Give yourself every day sweet pleasures really healthy, focusing on fruit candies: a strawberry cut, it’s much better!

False friends of the line, ticks Pinnakkle Keto REVIEWS should be consumed in moderation to not harm your slimming program. Be reasonable !



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