Children grow about seven centimeters per year – more than parents would expect. However, buying new furniture, utensils or clothing every year is and remains a costly affair for young parents. How good that there are items that kids can wear for years, even when they get bigger.

1 satchel

According to information from the Federal Statistical Office , 64 percent of all children attend a general education school from the age of six . One year later, nearly 100 percent of children living in Germany are enrolled. Usually, the school starts with the formal enrollment, in which the kids receive a fully packed school bag . The subsequent school life they master with a filled satchel . Between the first and the fourth class pass a lot of lessons . In addition to the knowledge that children learn in school lessons, they also grow. And with them the right satchel, which is ideal for the entire elementary school .

The secret of these growing satchels are height-adjustable systems that can be infinitely adjusted in no time at all. By adjusting the shoulder straps of the satchels, parents adjust them exactly to the child’s current back size. The satchel sits where it should when it ends at the top of the shoulders and the back pad snuggles up comfortably. Due to the adaptable companion , fathers do not have to worry about the children’s exercise books for many years.

2 children’s chairs

The most unpleasant thing for children is the annoying completion of homework . No matter whether a parent helps or not – many kids want nothing more than to simply leave the math tasks. To make learning fun, it requires a great deal of motivation – and the right chairs . The more colorful and eye-catching they look, the better the sprouts take their place. Literally two birds with one stone beat parents, who get their growing darlings an ergonomic, height-adjustable children’s  chair.

At the latest with the school entrance the child should receive such a chair, in order to get used to longer and firm “working hours”. The height adjustment of the chair is particularly important so that the delicate back and joints are not damaged . It should be designed so that the kids effortlessly come to the ground with their feet . Even sitting in an upright position should cause no problems on the chair.

3 bookshelves

Children are enthusiastic about fantastic stories from an early age . As soon as they have outgrown the first steps, illustrated and texted books arouse their curiosity. The books themselves are of interest and age , so they are exchanged after a few years. On the shelves this is not true. Particularly plain, plain shelves grow with the children. A changing table in the growing nursery turns into a small storage place for books and other objects with built-in drawers or storage compartments .

4 bikes

Normally, the offspring need a new bike every two years as soon as they outgrow the old. Today, there are still some growing bicycles, which relieve the parents financially and temporally. Such models grow along with the offspring by adapting to the height of the body with adjustable saddles and frames .

Nevertheless, the bike should ensure a balance of body weight and size. In particular, to relieve the joints as much as possible. A great side effect is that a growing bike encourages the young to actively move . This, as the MDR reports , has a positive effect on motor health .

5 sandals

The off springs go from their birth to adulthood a total of three major stages of growth . These run individually different and often unnoticed. Frequently, the little ones come with their growth as soon as the favorite shoe presses . Generally, the little feet are getting bigger and bigger and constantly need new footwear . For some parents, buying shoes constantly is an enormous financial burden, which is reflected in the purse.

A solution to the problem are innovative, growing shoes dar. Especially sandals with straps and Velcro front, back and side adjustable. In the flexible walkers, the little ones can walk comfortably for several years without being too big or too small .

6 (board) games

There are games for young and old , for a child is never too old. We are talking about classic board games and dexterity games like “Monopoly” or “Do not fret-you”. Even if the little ones are grown up , they always enjoy universal games like these. Most games are recommended for children from the age of five to eight years .

7 skipping rope

Skipping ropes are by no means only interesting for smaller children. On the contrary – they are currently experiencing a kind of renaissance . The useful sports gadgets can be taken anywhere and are versatile. They grow up with the offspring, which they initially only need for fun and games. Later, use these the portable skipping ropes as fitness training tools to increase endurance and stamina. Fathers should, however, pay attention to the material of skipping ropes : For small children cotton or hemp ropes , where they can not hurt themselves, to prefer the plastic ropes .

8 photo album

With growing up, memories come and go. For parents, as well as for the children themselves, it seems important to preserve them . In the course of childhood many great photos are created that fit into a large photo album. Whether solid-colored cover or owl design – the content of the photo album increases with the years. While the small shoots enjoy the pictures, larger ones, together with the fathers, nostalgically reminisce .

9 swing

Big or small – kids love to swing. Even with age, the sweeping movements on the swing bring a pleasant tingling in the body with it. Although the offspring eventually outgrows the board swings, a long-lasting wooden swing holds it over the ground. The paternal care is the regular task to impregnate and maintain the wood .

10 musical instrument

Beautiful babies and harmonious melodies are already pleasing to the babies. With increasing age, the children grope slowly to make music. According to the, four or five years old, some children are mature enough to learn an instrument intensively . Unlike other hobbies, musical enthusiasm sometimes lasts for a lifetime . Thus, the first instrument grows with the child, if it does not lose the joy of playing.



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