Increasing muscle mass in women is as important as for men, since among other things it helps maintain good health and postural hygiene, in addition to helping in fat loss that is one of the main concerns in women.

If what you want is to gain muscle , like men, there is nothing better than training to increase muscle mass in women .

Muscle gains in women

Contrary to popular belief, that a woman touches a weight does not mean she will gain pounds and pounds of muscle.

A secret woman about 10 times less Black Label X testosterone than a man, so it is approximately 30 times more difficult for them to gain muscle mass, and if it is difficult for them, I doubt that lifting a weight will make you gain several kilos of muscle .

Training to increase muscle mass in women

The training of a woman does not differ too much from that of men, that is, they are still governed by the same basic principles: Basic, heavy and intense training , focusing on the progression of loads.

Women, due to various physiological reasons , have a higher density of slow contraction fibers than fast contraction fibers, so they will respond better to a higher training volume, this means more repetitions per series and more series in total per training .

In addition to bone and joint structures , being weaker, it is better to use lighter weights to reduce the incidence of injuries, so it also benefits us in this regard.

Another important issue when it comes to increasing muscle mass in women is the issue of cardio, as with men, it must be reduced so that our body uses the calories we provide in building muscle and not spending it to give us energy for aerobic exercise, but this does not mean that we eradicate it completely, we should simply reduce it.

Exercises to  increase muscle mass in women

Women have a higher muscle density in the legs than in the torso, in addition to that they prefer to have a more developed lower train, so you have to focus on exercises that touch in addition to the muscles of the “thigh”, the buttocks, these Exercises are for example the deep squats with a good opening, the long strides, the inclined press … eliminates and avoids the typical exercises such as buttocks kicks or abductor machines, they will spend valuable time in which you could be doing other exercises more effective as good squats, leave these exercises for when you want to correct very specific decompensations, especially in view of a fitness competition .

In terms of torso should not be at all different, you have to focus on exercises such as the military press, dominated, rowing oars, etc … everything should be around the pillars of a basic, heavy and intense training, is what always It has worked for any sex, there is also the belief that performing pectoral exercises will cause the chest to fall out, separate, or something like that, this is not entirely true. It will only happen in the case of having implants in them, so in these cases you have to pay special attention to the pectoral training.

Weight gain in training to increase muscle mass in women

There is a small problem with women and that any increase in the numbers of a scale is bad, since they associate it with an increase in fat, so if you are training to increase muscle mass, you will gain weight, so it is better to avoid Weigh yourself too often to avoid changes in planning. Weighing yourself in these cases once every 3-4 weeks is a good idea, until you have changed your mindset.


The routine to increase muscle mass in women can be perfectly a fullbody based on basic and heavy exercises, or a torso-legs in which we pay special attention to the latter.


There is no secret, or anything strange Black Label X Reviews in a workout to increase muscle mass in women , just train with more volume and repetitions more attention is given to body parts such as legs and buttocks and little else.



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