If someone does a trip, then he can experience something. This is especially true when traveling with a child – whether on the way to vacation or on the way to the bakery two streets away. You can prepare for some difficulties, others can be dealt with in advance – and sometimes only creative improvisation helps.

With children you are somehow always traveling and the smaller they are, the more items are needed. Prepared for all eventualities or brave the gap? This depends entirely on the parental nature. However, some things should always be kept in the marching bag – and one or the other can be done better before than when traveling with a child.

Traveling with a child – this is part of the marching baggage

No matter whether you go to the playground, the supermarket or grandma, you should always have some utensils with you:

The provisions . Especially when children are small, basic needs such as hunger and thirst can hardly be postponed. If you want to avoid the shouts of a seemingly starving or thirsty child, then you should always have the water bottle and something to eat. This is especially true in places where you can not even buy something, such as the pediatrician, hairdresser, in the regional train or in a coach.

For baby children . Never forget the changing utensils. Diapers, wet wipes and change clothes are particularly important if you do not have them. Murphy’s Law makes sure that your baby pees from top to bottom just when the replacement is missing.

Never without a pacifier . If your child has one, you should also bring it with you when traveling by car, train or otherwise. The same applies to vital stuffed animals. If this item is so important to the child, you will probably struggle to reassure it in a strange environment.

Change clothes . Careful parents always have change-over clothes when traveling with a child. Especially at low temperatures, a child in wet clothes can be extremely exhausting and later sick. In addition, kids always spill on the way – a fresh shirt is often useful.

Toy for waiting . If it gets boring, you should have a suitable toy or a book to read aloud. Somewhat older children can even bridge waiting times or longer trips with a radio play via MP3 player.

Equipped for emergencies . You should also have the health insurance card, some patches and any necessary medications like asthma spray. If you yourself are overcome by spontaneous headache, the painkillers must not be missing. A mobile phone ensures that you can react quickly in an emergency.

Good tips for travel with child

Larger trips or even traveling with a child bring their own challenges. Apart from good preparation, a positive attitude is also important here. Also, the following tips may be helpful in keeping your child and parents happy:

No stress

at all Do not put yourself under pressure and schedule enough time for all your activities. Children feel their tension when hurry comes up and do not respond positively. Expect everything to take much longer if you are traveling with a child – because of the breaks a child needs and because of unexpected events. If you expect delays from the outset, then you can only be pleasantly surprised.

Always something in the hindquarters

When children no longer feel like getting bored and become queasy, occasionally the reference to the next program point, which is then especially for the child, helps. Example: “Mom is still trying on a dress and then we go with you to the great playground / animals / ice cream parlor, okay?”

New things can over strain – parents can help In a new environment like something on vacation, children see a lot of new things – sometimes too much to process. Too much choice can overwhelm children – for example, an ice cream man with 20 sorts of ice cream. In order to save oneself and those behind a standing nerves, parents can help with the selection. Example: “At home you always take strawberries. There is also a blue slipper ice here. Would you like strawberries, slipper ice or a ball of both? ”

In doubt, exercise helps

When children whine and siblings argue with each other, then usually helps movement. Especially if you are traveling by car . Take a short break and either do some gymnastics together or chase the kids to a playground or meadow. Most of the time the children are much more balanced then – and maybe even tired!

If you take care of yourself, it will save you some trouble. If you take precautions, you will save a lot of stress. This is especially true for toilets. Do not wait until your child screams “Dad, I have to pee!”, But go to the bathroom in time: before shopping in the supermarket, before the tour through the stalactite cave, before the bus ride or the start of the holiday , Here it helps, if just the whole family goes – then nobody needs to be persuaded.

Likewise, as a precaution, you can provide your child with food and drink, if the options are limited or not given.

Just in case you should always have a Survival kit with the above things in the trunk anyway. If you get stuck in your car at any time pack a warm blanket for the winter and a battery-powered hand fan for the summer.

Need for improvisation raveling and traveling with a child

If one of the essentials is missing, or if you simply forget all the equipment, then your creativity is in demand. What to do if the baby is completely wet and the changing clothes are missing? How do you silence a shrieking child who pretends to be starving in the bus? In the first case, you probably have to sacrifice your own garment, in the second, you may be able to help with friendly requests from the other passengers. Does anyone have something to eat? Sometimes as a dad you have to jump over his shadow – because honestly, what is more embarrassing: If you can not bring your child to rest or if you have a solution and ensure that it is implemented?



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