The anticipation of the next vacation can begin, because the autumn holidays are just around the corner. So that the relaxation can already use during the flight or the car drive, there are some practical tips and tricks to pay attention – so the time with dad and child is even more beautiful. The choice of holiday destination also plays a not insignificant role here.

No question, children are always enthusiastic for long beach days and the sea. Unfortunately, the North German coast is already a bit fresh during the autumn holidays. That is why fathers and their children are drawn to the warmer countries. Especially the typical holiday destinations such as Greece, Egypt or Spain are now well prepared for children. What are the most popular holiday destinations for the autumn holidays 2019, the price comparison of idealo has evaluated in this ranking, Among the top 10 are, as expected, the classics: Crete is still pleasantly warm and relatively easy to reach. Also Antalya in Turkey, Barcelona and of course Mallorca are popular. Hurghada in Egypt is also popular with families, as more and more hotels are geared towards children playing. The sea is still warm and so are the swimming pools in the hotel grounds.

To prepare for the flight with child …

… is not difficult. One of the first tips is choosing a good airline. Because these are usually set to children, have blankets on board and offer special children’s menus. However, these must be ordered early (up to 24 hours before departure). The departure time should be chosen according to the rhythm of the children. Flying in the middle of the night to save 20 euros, can ultimately be exhausting, if the children on the plane from excitement can not sleep and then tired and whining are. Especially important is the own seat for the children. Toddlers may fly on their laps, but that is not advisable for a variety of reasons, which we have described here in more detail .

Entertainment for children on long-haul flights

With older children are also long air travel possible, for example to the US East Coast. Such adventures should begin in a relaxed way, especially when father and child are traveling to a distant destination for the first time. On long flights, there is now the so-called “in-flight entertainment”, here, for example, the kids can watch movies on a display on the back of the backrest of the seats. Some airlines even offer special apps that the children can use during the flight and thus pass the boredom. A certain media literacy should of course be assumed. Younger children will also enjoy a good book or coloring book. Both fits perfectly in your hand luggage.

And that brings us to an important point

… the hand luggage, which should be packed for the flight similarly as during the journey in the car. These include, among other things, a few thick socks: Airline cabins are often air-conditioned and very cool – and who gets cold gets in a bad mood. Nestled in a blanket and with a few thick socks on the feet, it flies much more pleasant, because the children feel well and dad can relax. What is standard in road trips should also be considered when traveling by air: Change of linen if a mishap happens during the flight. Some kids do not dare to get up, or they just realize too late that the bubble pushes. Replacement panties and pants save not only the father and child’s journey, but also the other passengers. Who plans the trip on the plane, should not forget ear drops and bubble gum. This way, the pressure on the ears can be compensated and earache can be prevented. Also, drinking helps, even if it is just a water.

But why go into the distance?

Because even in Germany or the surrounding countries, there are wonderful destinations for the autumn holidays. Germany is the land of castles and palaces. The neighboring country Poland is known for beautiful landscapes and good food. Here father and child can experience great adventures on nature walks. At the same time, petrol and diesel prices are among the lowest in Europe . Denmark is a popular tourist destination in the north. The country attracts with beautiful holiday homes and attractions that are ideal for a holiday with a child.



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