In most families, the mom is responsible for packing the outing utensils. To make sure you do not feel stupid when it’s your turn, we have put together the universally important things that you should have with every trip with your child.

Anyone who is trained to pack the backpack for the trip with a child, they do not need it, all the other (fathers) should hang along a checklist, so that everything important is in the party. Because nothing is stupid than to suddenly stand in the zoo without diaper or to calm the boat trip a hungry roaring child. For the marching baggage applies: It may be something more, just so that one is prepared for all eventualities.

The most important thing first: Without something to drink you should go on any trip, not even to the next playground. Optimal are water or fruit spritzers, which quenches the thirst.

It’s a phenomenon: just a few miles after leaving home, it starts. “Daddy, I’m hungry!” If you can only shake your head regretfully now, you are poor and will certainly not score points in the offspring. For that he gets loud roar. It is better to pack enough food. Well-suited are ready-made breads, bite-sized cut fruit and of course biscuits must not be missing. You should do without too many sweets. They make the kids thirsty and they are easily turned on by the sugar.

Never without change: Faster than you think a child lies in the puddle and is suddenly drenched from top to bottom. Even if you were so smart and put on your child’s mud clothes – as a precaution, you should still bring along a set of change clothes.

“Dad, I have to go to the bathroom!” If a toilet is in sight, that’s no problem. But what if you are in the middle of the forest and your child has to grow up? Handkerchiefs are better, wipes are better, or preferably both. Not only the Popo, but also chocolate-coated mouths are cleaned quickly and easily.

For the journey: If the anticipation is still so big – if the way to the destination is too far, comes on bad mood. Make sure your child is busy while driving. For example, with a radio play, enough picture books or something to paint. The child should decide which games to pack.

Surprise: The excursion will be the excursion for your child if you pack a little surprise for him. This can be a sweet, but also the favorite food or favorite drink. Especially if your child needs to restrain or patience during the trip, such a reward is really useful.

Special luggage for babies: If you are traveling with a baby, you need a few more items. Never forget to pack enough diapers, the pacifier must not be missing and yes – if your baby is a nursing baby, you should also have his mother in the luggage.

On excursions that you spend the night on, you should definitely not forget your baby’s cuddly toy when it hangs very close to it.

Trips with child marching luggage

So you are prepared for all eventualities, you should not forget your mobile phone. This can serve well in case of mishap or accident. For yourself, you should also pack something to eat and drink, because trips with children make you hungry and thirsty.

Quite a lot of luggage, you find? Yes, it is indeed. But dragging is much easier than cheering up a wet, hungry, thirsty or dissatisfied child. There are also handy buggies for smaller children, which are useful when your child is exhausted.



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