Although male sterilization is one of the safest methods of preventing unwanted pregnancy, relatively few men still choose to undergo this procedure. Only about two percent of men of childbearing age have decided in Germany so far. We would like to introduce you to this special form of contraception.

A vasectomy is the surgical procedure for the sterilization of a man. The vas deferens are surgically severed in the scrotum, which leads to a permanent inability to procreate. The hormone production in the testicles and the ability to erection remain unchanged.

A vasectomy has nothing to do with castration. The fear of being able to work only as a harem guard in the future is therefore completely unfounded.

The legal side

The written consent of the patient to the procedure is the prerequisite for performing a vasectomy.

Any adult male can undergo this procedure if he has full capacity. The consent of the partner or already existing own children are not a legal requirement. However, every conscientious doctor will convince himself in one or more interviews whether the patient is aware of the consequences of his decision.

The cost of a vasectomy

The statutory health insurance since 2004 no longer bear the costs of sterilization, which serve the personal life planning. Exceptions are medically necessary vasectomies. Even private health insurance companies usually only pay the fees if there are health reasons. So you have to adjust to cost between 400-500 euros in an outpatient vasectomy.

Risks and side effects

As with any other surgery, patients need to be educated about possible complications and side effects. However, possible side effects such as bleeding or wound infections are usually harmless and easy to treat. Any further risks will be discussed in detail with the urologist you trust.

The engagement

After the preliminary medical examinations mentioned above, you will receive your information sheet and the surgery appointment. Because it is a relatively simple procedure, you can even have light meals on the day of the surgery, so you do not need to be sober.

Due to the local anesthesia, which is performed with very thin needles, the procedure is largely painless.

After disinfection and local anesthesia, the skin is opened at the point where the two seminal ducts pass from the testicle to the penis. From the vas deferens a small piece is cut out. Then the ends are sewn and / or welded and the tiny cut in the skin is closed. That’s it.

After the operation

After the operation and a short rest in practice, the patient can go home. Depending on your job, you should expect to be unable to work for one to two days and to refrain from physically strenuous activities for about a week.

The long-planned cycle tour or the beginning of the first riding lessons would be a bad idea in this period.

Of course, you can have sex again, when you feel able to do so.

However, you should keep in mind that after a vasectomy, a man is often capable of reproduction for quite a while. This is because there are some fertilizable spermatozoids behind the interface. These must first be expelled, which is usually the case after about 35-40 ejaculations. Until then, you must continue to use normal contraception.

After the operation, the ejaculate must be examined twice for sperm at intervals of several months. Only then will the sterilization be successful and you are on the safe side.

In some exceptional cases, the ability to produce can later restore itself. This phenomenon is called late recanalization. Therefore, it makes sense to continue to be examined regularly to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

The decision

The decision to perform a vasectomy is very far-reaching and should always be considered carefully.

Man (s) should be 100 percent sure they do not want to have children anymore. Not even if circumstances change and a new partner enters your life.

A vasectomy is usually a final step and can only be reversed with a great deal of effort and money. The costs for this so-called refertilization amount to about 2000-3000 Euro, which of course your health insurance does not take over. The success rate of this reoperation is around 80 percent.

You should also ask yourself if maybe your self esteem will eventually suffer from not being able to bear children anymore. However, it should be pointed out once again that you only lose your fertility – not your masculinity.

You can be sure that a vasectomy does not affect your sexuality.

Although the semen contains no sperm more, but is otherwise unchanged. From the amount and the color, everything is exactly as it was before the procedure. According to the current state of science, erectile dysfunction is neither promoted nor triggered by sterilization.

Otherwise, a vasectomy offers you a lot of benefits. For example, many couples report that their sex lives have improved significantly since the vexing contraceptive issue is off the table.

Even the hormone load of the woman through the pill, which is often lasting for years, has come to an end with the sterilization of her partner. By the way, you even save money, because in purely mathematical terms, you have paid back the costs of an outpatient vasectomy after a good two years, because your wife can do without the pill.

Whatever you decide: Take your time and weigh the pros and cons carefully. Do not be pressured and make your choice only when you are absolutely sure. It is only a small cut for you, but a big step in your future life.



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