During pregnancy, pregnant women must change their eating habits by banning not only certain foods but also certain drinks, starting with alcohol .  And they must favor one drink among all: water.

Water, an essential drink

  • Each of us must drink water daily ; let alone a pregnant woman.

Water is necessary for the mother because it provides many benefits: hydration, prevention of pregnancy problems SlimPhoria Keto Reviews such as constipation or urinary tract infection, increased blood circulation or even better functioning of kidneys. But it is also essential for the baby because it allows to transport the nutrients , vitamins and minerals necessary for its growth.

It doesn’t matter what type of water you want to drink; the main thing is to drink it (between 1.5 and 2 liters per day) . You can thus vary the pleasures, each water having its benefits and its properties. Take for example Hepar or Contrex if you are looking for waters rich in mineral salts .

You can also drink tap water without worrying. Also think of hot drinks such as herbal tea or tea to rehydrate you.

Avoid sugary drinks

Sugar is hidden in many drinks, including in some flavored waters ( mint , orange, lemon …). You should therefore be careful if you do not want to gain excess pounds which are subsequently difficult to lose.

Avoid industrial fruit juices rich in sugar and low in vitamins. Nothing better than freshly squeezed fruit or protein smoothies.

You can also consume milk (prefer semi-skimmed milk to whole milk which is too fatty) . Two glasses per day are therefore recommended. You can compensate with milk drinks or dairy products if you don’t like milk.

Other drinks have natural benefits such as soy-based drinks or aloe vera drinks provided they are pure juice drinks and not reconstituted concentrate products. For women who have a problem of water retention , consume diuretic drinks, natural preferably like infusions based on parsley or cherry stalks or pineapple, grape or cranberry juice .

Drinks to consume in moderation

Even if certain drinks are not prohibited when you are pregnant, it is best to limit consumption. This is the case of coffee (no more than 2 cups per day) , tea (taken in large quantities, it can prevent the assimilation of iron and thus create deficiencies) or carbonated drinks including so-called light drinks.

Avoid taking energy drinks even if you feel tired or if you take them are reasonable and do not overdo it. Also avoid Slimphoria Keto consuming too many iced drinks which can be caloric.

A pregnancy lasts 9 months. Paying attention to what you drink during this time is a small sacrifice that will benefit you and your baby as well.



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