To dislodge the fat in your knees and therefore to refine it, you must target the thigh muscles as well as those around your knees with muscle strengthening exercises that will tone your thighs and make your knees lose weight. Discover here the sports exercises that can help you quickly refine your knees.


Squats allow you to work your leg muscles . They use adductors, hamstrings, quadriceps and calves.

To carry out this complete exercise Nature Crave Keto Reviews which mobilizes several muscles, stand up, with the spacing of your feet equivalent to the width of your shoulders and stretch your arms in front of you.

After a good breath, go down until you can have your thighs parallel to the ground. Do this by holding your arms in front of you. Then you can go back up while exhaling and take support on your heels. Make sets of 12, making sure to control your descent.

The slots

Start standing, with the spacing of your feet equivalent to the width of your hips . With your hands on your waist, advance your right foot so that your right knee is at a right angle and then lower your left leg on the exhalation. Then go back up while exhaling. Do 4 sets of 10 repetitions per leg . Always keep your chest straight, your shoulders low and your chest high . Keep your abs tight to protect your back.

The chair

With your back to the wall, your feet advanced, go down to 45 degrees. Hold for 20 seconds and walk for 15 seconds to relax your legs . Repeat the position with the 12 second series. Make series by increasing the duration of resistance if possible.

It is also possible to strengthen Nature Crave Keto muscles in the water to promote internal drainage while stimulating lymphatic and blood circulation . Think of pedaling movements, scissors or beating in the water.



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