Stress and pollution have a visible impact on our epidermis. Buttons, blackheads, oily skin settle and dull the face. To erase these imperfections, integrate a detox treatment into your beauty routine is a good solution Pure Reviva Derm to find a beautiful skin.

The detox , we’ve all heard about it at least once. If the purative cures have already given us all their secrets and have become commonplace, what about detox care  ?

What is a detox treatment?

A detox treatment intervenes to stimulate the natural mechanisms of defense of the skin and to allow its optimal functioning when the skin is no longer able to cope with all the aggressions it undergoes. “A detox treatment helps the regeneration of overworked skin subjected to the effects of stress, pollution, UV and other sources of free radicals, responsible for 4 wrinkles out of 5. “summarizes Mathilde Thomas, founder of the cosmetics brand Caudalie.It can play at two levels: it protects our cells from aggression, oxidative stress, pollution … and it stimulates (especially in mature skin) the detoxification systems contained in our cells. ” Thanks to its antioxidant and purifying properties, it will regenerate the tissues and make the skin more beautiful by refining the skin texture, tightening the pores, and making the complexion more fresh and brighter. A detox treatment has a global action on the beauty of the skin. Finally, do not be surprised to find many different formulations between ” detox face care “”and” detox body care. “Indeed, as they do not work the same way, they are not interchangeable.For body care, the detox will be more oriented towards cellulite.Their assets will stimulate lymphatic drainage while those of the detox face care will focus on the protection of oxidative stress and pollution.

Why use a detox treatment?

Like any organ, the skin produces waste due to the cellular metabolism that it must eliminate to be in top form. She is also prone to attacks from her environment and thus perceives toxins from outside that affect her proper functioning. If young skin is quite capable of eliminating cell debris and toxins in an unpolluted environment, this is not the case when faced with a “toxic” environment and / or aging. Weakened, it can no longer properly get rid of all these toxins that accumulate and cause dysfunction of skin cells. The skin becomes dull, dehydrated and wrinkles settle. That’s when detox care comes in.

When should I use detox care?

Cutaneous detox is ideally done daily, especially in overworked skin, or at least in cure at each change of season. The daily use of detox care will increase their effectiveness since it will allow the cells not only to function well, but also to recover and eliminate excess when the aggressions are less. It is advisable to apply them day and night. In the morning, as antioxidant protection against pollution. In the evening, to strengthen the cells, promote the elimination of toxinsat the skin level and improve intercellular communication. Regeneration is more effective at night to strengthen the barrier function of the skin. Contrary to popular belief, detox care is not reserved for the most mature skin. They are effective at any age and are even recommended as early as 18-20 years in daily protection. The skin is subjected to more and more young aggression, it is important to preserve its youth capital with the help of preventive care. Detox treatments with aloe vera, green tea, charcoal etc. are therefore ideal for playing this role of shield, “provided to use a suitable care, not too aggressive for young skin and sufficiently nourishing for mature skin” says Mathilde Thomas.

How to choose your detox treatment?

Detox treatments are for everyone, but it’s important to choose them based on your skin typebecause they will accompany the specific daily routine of each epidermis. They are excellent for sensitive skin because they strengthen the barrier function of the skin and therefore reduce the sensitivity of the skin. If active sides, there is no real distinction, it is the texture of care that will make the difference: “A serum antioxidant coupled with a fluid is suitable for combination to oily skin while a dry skin will prefer the cream texture to intensify hydration Detox masks can be used for all skin types Same for dry oils based on vegetable oils that penetrate quickly and leave no greasy film on the skin: non-comedogenic, they do not do not favor imperfections at all. ” says Mathilde Thomas.

The right things to do

To optimize the effectiveness of your detox treatment, you need an irreproachable beauty routine. No way to skip the makeup removal step and daily cleaning of the skin. “It’s essential to release the pores and make the assets penetrate quickly and easily into the skin,” insists Mathilde Thomas. If detox treatments are useful alone, it is obviously preferable to associate them with a daily routine adapted to the specific needs of each skin, be it dry, mixed, oily or mature. Note that the detox treatments must be accompanied by an anti-aging care from 35- 40 years. They are also recommended to restore radiance to the skins of smokers. Finally, it is not negligible to associate with its cosmetic detox routine a cleansing that can only enhance its effectiveness. On this point, Mathilde Thomas is very clear: “Make a detoxifying treatment for the bodyat the same time as for his skin is excellent. An organic infusion, a draining herbal tea, a juice cure bursting with antioxidants or the famous grape cure are essential assets to keep fit and have a beautiful skin, “she says.



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