By starting a diet, we do not choose the areas on which we lose weight. The running is for example inefficient if one wishes to refine arms . So, how to slim down at this level? With or without dumbbells or elastic , Insta Keto Shark Tank there is a wealth of bodybuilding exercises to be done at home.

Work the biceps

To strengthen your arms, there is no secret, it is advisable to solicit them. Are you tired of fat? Bring dumbbells or water bottles and do this series of exercises.

Exercise 1 : Curl

Stand upright, feet apart from the width of your shoulders. Take a dumbbell in each hand by turning your palms out (away from your body). Fold your arms towards your chest and then lower them gently to resist the effort. 3 sets of 10 movements.

Exercise 2 : Pumps

Stand on the ground, on your knees, feet crossed. You are then supported on your hands and on your knees. Fold your arms down to get close to the ground and go back up. Perform 3 sets of 10.

Work triceps

After the biceps, it is advisable to solicit the triceps . Again, no need to invest in equipment or pay a subscription to the gym.

Exercise 1 : Dips

Sit on a chair and place your hands on the edge, on each side. Anchor your feet to the ground. Take off your buttocks from the chair and go down in front of the chair, bending your arms. Your elbows should then make a right angle. Reassemble slowly. Make 2 sets of 5.

Exercise 2 : Kick back

Use one hand on a bench or chair to bend your torso. Hold a dumbbell in the other hand while bending the elbow, glued to the body, so that the forearm is parallel to the ground. Gently lower the arm while resisting the effort. Perform 3 sets of 10 moves.

Burn the fats of the arms

If bodybuilding exercises seem too intensive at first, you can also refine your arms by performing fitness movements.

Exercise 1 :

Stand erect, legs slightly apart and bent, abs contracted and arms outstretched on each side of your body, palms open. Insta Keto Make circular motions with your hands, turning forward for 20 sec. Without relaxing your arms, do the same backwards.

Exercise 2 :

Stand with arms outstretched on each side of your body, palms of hands toward the ceiling. Put your arms up above your head. Perform 3 sets of 20 moves.

Losing arms requires constant efforts both in terms of diet and in terms of physical exercises to be performed each day . But by following this program, you quickly see the effects.



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